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[May. 30th, 2006|03:53 pm]
Asia Grill Inc.


[Current Mood |hungryhungry]

Asia Grill has a brand spankin new menu! And it is BEAUTIMOUS!!!!

It has a sleek new look, with hip new fonts, new colors, and it's easier to read. It really is a work of art! And there are some changes.. No more Jack-in-the-Box.. Instead, you can take any entree and add lil sides to it for 50 cent more (up to 2 sides I think) and they all come with your choice of Jasmine or brown rice. The choices of sides were gyoza, edamame, salad, and cheese wonton(?).

And there is a new section entitled "STIR CRAZY"! Hehe. You "build your own noodle stir fry" in an itemized 4 step process where you choose your meat, noodle, veggies, and sauce.. and then Chan does his magic!

There are also new additions, like some new appetizers and dishes made with Tilapia (one of my favourite types of fishies!). There seems to be less salmon items though (I only saw one) and no more Red Snapper.

There are probably a few new entrees scattered in the menu that I haven't recognized yet.. I will have to carefully inspect the menu more...

There is definitely a new appetizer I can't wait to try called "Vegetarian Brown Rice Rolls", but they are not available yet :(


(Hopefully one of you grillers with a scanner can attempt to scan it in??) ;)

From: jameseric
2006-05-30 09:06 pm (UTC)
I love Tilapia. They should deliver via UPS! I want a brown rice roll too!

"A Red Snapper?!! Ooooooooh, very tasty!"
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[User Picture]From: sixshadesofgrey
2006-05-31 03:14 am (UTC)


If only they could deliver all the way to Chicago....

They need to open up Asia Grills all over the place.. But then how would Chan get from one to the others? He'd have to be like Santa Claus... In all places at the same time.. delivering his magic...


p.s. I got your message today! I was sleepin when you called :P Glad to hear the initial good news though *HUGS* Please email me with your new address and phone number ASAP!!!!

*good moving vibes*
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-05-31 03:30 am (UTC)


you know what else is crazy?!?!

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[User Picture]From: sixshadesofgrey
2006-05-31 03:45 am (UTC)

Re: Wellbutrin

You know what else is crazy? People who spell things weird like that :P

(and people who forget to sign into LiveJournal)
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From: afterlifekid
2006-05-31 06:40 pm (UTC)
Stir Crazy was the first thing I noticed!

I asked Chan about Peanut Noodle somthing dish and he was like, "is that what you want?" and I was like, "I dont know" and he said "well we dont have it yet anyway" You can tell where it went from there...chickentofustringbeansforever!!
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[User Picture]From: sixshadesofgrey
2006-05-31 08:01 pm (UTC)



I was thinkin though that it's good you won't be confined to the jack-in-the-box anymore.. You can pick and choose your sides now! (What the heck is a cheese wonton?)

I went back again last night and told Chan to let me know when the new Brown rice roll appetizer is available so I can try it right away (I feel silly asking him if they have it yet every time I go in) And I stopped asking for the Ginger Limeade.. I'm sure he'll let us all know when it becomes available ;)

Yeah.. so I took home menus for my parents, my brother,a nd myself. Maybe frame one for the living room...


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