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New menu items now available! [Apr. 21st, 2007|04:04 pm]
Asia Grill Inc.


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Just a heads up that the new menu items have now become available for eatin! I tried the new "California Roll Salad" and it was scrumpt-didiley-umtious! It's small though so it's not enough for a meal.. But it's yummers! And afterlifekid tried the "Grilled Maple Orange Glaze Chickne" (yes.. it says "chickne" on the menu. Shutupyoulovechickne!) but it was a trick because they just renamed the dish from the old menu that was previously entitled "Grilled Honey Lime Chicken". Very tricky Chan.. very tricky indeed.

I'm looking forward to trying the "Mee Krob Tangy & Sweet Thai Chicken Salad" next. I like things that are tangy and sweet.

Okay.. apparently I suck at giving proper menu item reviews :P

I <3 AG 4EVA