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Get your new & improved Grill on! [Feb. 23rd, 2007|03:57 pm]
Asia Grill Inc.


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Just a reminder (not that you needed one.. I'm sure the withdrawal and hunger pains have been reminder enough) that Asia Grill will be reopening today! :) It's been a difficult 10 days, but we all somehow survived the famine. I wonder if the new menus are in yet or if those come later. mitchy22 and I only peeked in the place ONCE during construction (last week) so it will definitely be a surprise. I was tempted to peek in all week, but I wanted some suspense. We'll be there sometime later tonight (like 8 or 9ish) for a late celebratory grilling.. if anyone wants to join us (and by anyone, I mean afterlifekid ;)

Welcome back AG!